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DWI charges are serious and complex.  With experience both as prosecutors and defense attorneys, Azria & Bruffett Law Firm understands the DWI law, procedure, and possible consequences.

When you hire Azria & Bruffett to handle your case, you gain access to over 40 years of combined experience with all aspects of the criminal justice system. This extensive experience, coupled with collaboration among our attorneys, helps us deliver effective and creative DWI defense strategies. Partner David C. Bruffett, Jr., Esq., has been published on DWI defense strategies and our firm is ready to use that insight and experience for your benefit.  Read excerpts of  DWI Defense Strategies.      

Personal Approach to Client Service

To provide you with the best defense possible, we seek to understand your case and your life. Part of our commitment to you is being available for you whenever you have a question or concern. We take pride in our quick replies to clients.

Each case is different and each client is an individual, and we always act accordingly. Your attorney will:

  • Review the charges brought against you,  
  • Ensure that you understand the potential impact on your life,
  • Review the possible outcomes of your case and identify any challenges that might arise; and,
  • Be available to answer questions and concerns.

Aggressive and Relentless Representation

Your attorney will work tirelessly to achieve the most favorable outcome for your case. Most DWI cases are settled after negotiation, and our attorneys have successfully negotiated countless cases in numerous courts all over New York State. This experience ensures that an intelligent and productive approach will be employed to effectively defend you.

While our attorneys are skilled negotiators, if negotiations fail, you can rest easy knowing that you have a trial-seasoned DWI defense team ready to give you your day in court.

Whether in negotiations or in trial, we will always aggressively represent your best interests.

Azria & Bruffett represents clients all over Central New York including, but not limited to, Onondaga, Cortland, Cayuga, Oswego, Madison, and Jefferson Counties. Call (315) 364-1155 now to speak to a lawyer, consultations are always free.  

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David C. Bruffett, Jr., "Inside the Minds: Strategies for Defending DWI Cases in New York"

Published by Aspatore Books

DWI Defense Strategies


Posted by: DWI Client to Avvo

Multiple times working with David and Seth

Without being too specific regarding my actual cases I'd like to tell anyone out there that David and Seth are both amazing lawyers who care about their clients. They have both gone to bat for myself and my now wife...multiple times, with more than expected results each and every time. Again, without being too open about matters, we all make mistakes, when I was younger I had the unfortunate experience of receiving a DWI, David handled my case, in the end, though a hefty fine, which you would expect, it was dismissed, the court at that time didn't even know how to handle it because it had never been done before. Again, unfortunate, an assault charge due to a bar fight involving the woman who is now my wife, Seth handled this and the result was an ACD. I have also referred someone close to David due to them receiving a DWI...a third DWI, involving an accident, again David got results that were outstanding. Fast-forwarding many years, David has still made himself available to me when called on. I have recently asked for a personal letter to a judge regarding a character reference and again, David has pulled through, made himself available and assisted me. I can't say more about David and Seth, they're two very well known, very smart, very capable lawyers who have helped me through some rather dark times, sometimes I wonder how I don't have a record, it's because of these two guys. Would never recommend anyone else.